Pride of Texas
Chi Chi & Smokey
The girls may not look like guard dogs, but they do keep the coyotes away. Strangers beware.......
Puddy is a very shy black and white cat.  She is so shy that when people come to visit, she goes under the bed and won't come out until the visitors are gone. 

Puddy passed away August of 2006 and will be dearly missed. She was a devoted companion for 17 years.
Tasha is a very outgoing cat who loves company.   She rubs against you, purrs so dearly but when she gets tired of you, she takes a bite, looks at you and takes off running as fast as she can.
This is Sheila!!
We were loosing lots of chicken before Sheila arrived.  Our friends Suzanne and Frankie McIntire gave us sheila as a present.
Thank you guys, we and the goats truly thank you for her.
January 7, 2005
The newest member of our family


Isn't she beautiful, what a doll and so sweet too.  She loves company and will let you know you're welcome in the house. 
Patches is the one to watch out for.  He is very skiddish and does not like people either trying to pet him or getting close to his buck.  Its a no-no for him.