The Cross Bar Ranch is a 6500 acres of nothing but 4-wheeler trails.  One of the biggest 4 wheeler places we have ever been at it was worth the trip.    Here's how the trip went on Memorial Day 2008. 
The entrance of the park is located about 2 miles west of I-35 on highway 7, in Davis Oklahoma.  When you get to  highway 7, there will be only one big sign for the Cross Bar ranch so keep your eyes open for the sign.
Cross Bar Ranch
Davis, Oklahoma
The excitment starts building when you see the first real sing at the entrance of the park.
You will find the "Ranger's" office at the entrance where you will either pay if you see the Ranger there or you will leave your money in an envelope.
There is a reason why you need to wear boots and helmets which I will let you know the reason later.
When you finally get to the parking area, you can park just about any place you want to.  Usually, people park under the big tree to the right of the road.  Nice shaded area with a picnic table to rest after a long day of 4 wheeling.
When you get ready to finally go 4 wheeling, you will have a choice between going "left" or "right".  Since we did not see anyone when we got there, we decided to go "right".  The trail starts very easy and curvy.  You can not really go fast due to the extensive curves on the road.  You will go through an area with lots of trees.  Again, the ride is nice and relaxing since you can not go very fast.
There is no way to get lost in this park, signs after signs are guiding you throughout the trip,making you feel comfortable and relax.
The trail will continue uneventfull so take your time and look around, the flora and fauna is abundant so keep an eye open for everything around you. 
If you focus all your energy on the trail, you will miss all fantastic things lurking around you and even under you.  This pretty lizzard thinks is hidding from the camera.
There is a point on the trail where the curvy part becomes a thing of the past and the terrain becomes rougher and rougher.  You will have to go through little creeks along the way but the are passable.
After a while, the trail turns from dirt to rock and things can get a little more heart raising and difficult but hang in there, you will make it without a problem. 
As you can see, the trail has completely become rocky here, this is where you head up to the top of the mountain.  It is completely worth it and fun.
We made it to the top of the Arbuckle mountain just to relax and absorve the view.  It is absolutely beautiful and relaxing up there.  If you bring your cooler, this is the place to have your own little picnic.  Take the time and enjoy the view.

At this point, it is a good idea to go back if you are not an experience rider.  This is where the helmet and boots come into place.  There is a point during this trail ride that you will come across what locals call "Dead Man's slide", this is where my partner's 4 wheeler rolled over half way down the cliff.  Good thing a tree stopped the 4 wheeler from rolling over all the way down. Another good thing is to have a winch on your 4 wheeler, it will save you lots of time and worries.  That's another reason we don't have any more pictures of this trail.  We were told that there is an even worse part of the trail called "Widow's Maker" which we did not even attempt.  We leave the heart pounding areas for those thrill seekers.
Along the way to the top of the mountain, there are some boulders that you have to go through and there's no way around that.  Well as you go through the boulders, your 4 wheeler will shake roughly that will make your bones feel like they are about to dislocate.  Not only that, the terrain gets rough that many times you need to really hang on to your 4 wheeler or it will throw you off in a heart beat.
Once you get to the top the view is perfect.  You must stop here and enjoy the view, it is absolutely worth it.
Too bad the camera does not capture what your eyes are seeing at the time.  Is is absolutely peaceful up there.
There are so many photo opportunites up there so take advantage of as many as you can.
have fun on the trail, get muddy when you can but be safe at all times.
Again, there is no way you will get lost, the signs will keep you in the right trail and if you, for some reason get off the trail, the signs are there to let you know..